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How I potty-trained my two year old in three days!

How I potty-trained my two year old in three days!

Disclaimer: I am not a potty training expert whatsoever. I'm merely a mom of two who has successfully gone through potty training twice and want to share with you a few potty training tips that have worked for me and that might be of help to you.

Who would have thought a Global Pandemic would have us enclosed at home spending more time with our kids? If someone would have told me this was coming, I would have laughed out loud right then and there. Being with our kids 24/7 could be tough and stressful at times, but it's definitely a blessing. It is now the opportunity to get out of our comfort zone; and maybe do things we've been postponing like closet decluttering, re-organizing the pantry, re-decorating the terrace, or perhaps potty training!

On Monday April 6th I woke up determined to potty train my littlest one, Maia. The first day, she only had a few accidents, not as many as I had imagined. On the second day she only had two and a half accidents - half because she didn't completely pee on herself. And on the third day she only had one, and that was because she wasn't able to remove her undies and leggings quickly enough to reach the toilet! On the fourth day (drumroll!) she was officially potty trained!

You may wonder, how did this happen so fast? I have a theory of my own. My two kids have been potty trained for #2 since they were 18 months. My first born also took 3 days to be fully potty trained when he was a little over two and a half years. I will tell you in a bit how I did it, but I think the fact that my kids were already comfortable controlling their bowel movement, helped them have control over their bladder quicker.



So how did my kids start pooping in the toilet since they were a year and a half? Well, as soon as they turn one, me and my husband would take them to the toilet every time they made "that face". You know the facial expression they make when they are getting ready to push? Yes? Ok, so every time we saw that face, we rushed them to the toilet if we were home. It didn't matter if they had already pooped in the diaper. We would still sit them and explained that poop goes in the toilet and that's the place where they needed to poop. We did it as consistently as we could whenever we were home. Daycare didn't do it for us, we didn't do it either if weren't home. So really, we had to do this a few times a week for 6 months until they learned to fully control their bowel movement and poop in the toilet.

So that, my friends, is a way you can potty train your kids. Especially if they are still young. I totally suggest you start with #2, because I hear from so many mamas that it is the hardest for kids! Start with #2 and then #1 will be a breeze! Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Happy quarantining and please stay safe everyone!



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