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How to Prep for Back to School

How to Prep for Back to School

How to Prepare for Back to School

Preparing for back to school may seem overwhelming with all of the items your little one needs for school. As a parent, you want to make sure that they have everything they need so they can go through their day feeling happy and confident. Not only that, you also have the task of organizing everything to make sure things go smoothly. Most importantly, a good routine that your child can follow will help them easily transition from summer to back-to-school.


Back to School


In this blog post, we will give you some tips about what essentials you will need for back-to-school inspired by Pingo Apparel’s back-to-school collection. The collection features all of your back-to-school essentials that are organic and use 100% recycled materials. We will guide you along your back-to-school prep by showing you how to best put these ethically made products to good use.


How to help your kids pack their backpack


There are many items your little one will need to fit into their school bag. Make sure your child knows what everything is, how it works, and where to put it away in their bag. This might be a challenge, especially for younger children, but a parent can dream! In any case, keep these things in mind as you help your child pack their bag.

The first thing that your school bag needs are art supplies. If your school doesn’t supply this, make sure you have enough pencils, crayons, markers and pencil crayons so they are prepared. You will also need a pencil case to keep everything organized and to make sure none of the pencils or crayons fall to the bottom of the bag and make a mess.


Back to School supplies


 Other important things to remember are stationary items. It’s a good idea that you get enough erasers, at least one or two sharpeners for their pencils and pencil crayons, and a ruler. It’s also a good idea to get some craft items such as craft scissors, glue.

Depending on the grade your child is in and the request of their teacher, you should prepare with a handful of notebooks for different subjects. Along with notebooks, make sure you organize your child’s homework and papers with folders or another form of paper organizers. You can make this fun and let your little one decorate the front of each folder with stickers and drawings. This way your child can be aware of the different subjects they will learn, and can get excited about learning new things!


Girl returns to school


Next, you may need to pack some indoor shoes as well as ask your school if your little one will need any gym supplies like gym shoes and gym clothes. In addition, make sure you have a separate pouch in the school bag for items such as sunscreen, inhalers etc.

Finally, you will need to find an everyday backpack that is adjustable, durable and has a divided storage pocket at the front. Pingo’s Everyday Classic Backpack is dependable, washable and made with durable organic cotton. The bag is padded in the back, with shoulder straps that are adjustable to make sure your child is comfortable and can grow with the bag.


  Kids eco friendly backpacks

Fluf Backpack - Made with eco friendly materials.



How to pack a fun lunch


Packing the same lunch everyday may result in your little one becoming a picky eater. That’s why it’s important to switch it up to make them excited about eating healthy. There are several elements to create a balanced, healthy and filling lunch for your kid. First of all, you need the ‘main course’. If the main meal is better eaten cold, make sure to add a cold pack inside the lunchbox so it keeps it’s taste and freshness.


kids' lunch ideas


Make sure your lunch bag is packed with some healthy snacks with some variety, so they don’t have to eat the same snack everyday. Make sure it is filling enough as well. This means balancing snacks between fruits, veggies, but also something like yogurt, cheese and crackers etc.

The first day or week of school is a big deal for your little one. If you want to make it extra special for them at lunchtime, try adding one of these lunchbox jokes to put a smile on their face and something they can share with their classmates. Check out this free printable below or use this link, so you can cut one out for each day of the week.


Lunchbox jokes


Lunch bags can get messy if they are flimsy. To prepare your little one’s lunch with a durable and easy to use lunchbag, look for the Water Resistant Lunch Bag. This is a great option to make sure their lunch stays in one piece with it’s roomy design. This lunch bag is water resistant, and has an interior pocket for a water bottle or cold pack. The best part is that it’s pre-shrunk and machine washable. For an insulated option, try their Insulated Lunch Bag.


Fluf Water Resistant Lunchbag


Inside the lunchbox, to the Bento Lunch Box. This lunch box is BPA free and has two removable containers so you can choose to use the box for snacks, or you can use it for a main meal like a sandwich or noodles.


Ekobo Square Bento Lunch Box - BPA Free



Sun protection


Even though summer is almost over, it doesn't mean the sun is going away! Sun protection is still important whether it’s at the beach or at school. That’s why your child’s back-to-school outfits should include a hat or even some sunglasses to keep them safe from the sun.

For back-to-school, what could be more perfect than Pingo’s I Love Science Hat, which is UPF 50+. Made in Canada, this hat is perfect for outdoor play with the adjustable chin strap.



Kids bucket hat 

Puffin Gear Science Bucket Hat - UPF 50+


Find a good routine


Establishing a good routine is very important to get your child back into the back-to-school groove. Towards the end of summer, start introducing parts of their morning and night routine for back-to-school, so it is not a struggle during the first week back.

At bedtime, try reading more stories to get their brains back in the swing of things. Another great way to get their rhythm back into back-to-school mode is by letting them pick out their outfits the night before. After you have gotten all of your back to school supplies for their backpack, let them pack it with you so they know where to find everything.


Back to school routine


In the mornings, make sure they start to figure out what they need to do to get themselves ready (with your help of course). This includes brushing their teeth, getting dressed etc. Try making a nice and easy to read list for them on the wall, so they know what order in which things should be done.

A great way to get them involved in their back-to-school routine is with Pingo’s Kids Analog Watch. This way, they can start to learn how to read a watch and about keeping track of time. This will teach your little one about independence and responsibility. This stylish and comfortable watch is perfect for a kid’s adventurous schedule. This watch is waterproof and has a strong contrast to help them learn to read the time. To help them read the time, the watch is marked with five-minute steps, as well as clearly marked minutes. How perfect!


Kids watches

Mini Kyomo Kids Analog Watches - Made in Italy


We hope that these tips and products will help you to make the transition from summer to back to school as easy and seamlessly as possible. You can check out all of Pingo’s back to school collection here.

This article was written by Rachel S. from Babysits Canada. You can visit this babysitting platform to easily and quickly find a reliable babysitter, nanny and childminder in your area!

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