Art & Eden

Art & Eden uses sustainable materials, low impact dyes and recycled packaging. Their clothes are made at certified apparel factories which share our vision of a better world for all. Art & Eden also contribute to additional initiatives, including our Camden Street School mentorship program and our Clothes for Cure initiative where every garment sold helps nourish an under-resourced child.
Blue t-shirt with grey pocket and octopus print. Short sleeve with crew-neck. Made of 100% organic cotton.

Lucas Octopus T-Shirt

$30.50 Was $38.00

Ladybug Dress

$30.50 Was $48.00


$20.00 Was $33.00

Lydia Tee

$25.00 Was $40.00

Lucas Short

$26.00 Was $44.50

Mini Diane

$13.00 Was $22.50

Mini Kimmy

$19.00 Was $29.00

Diane Capri

$20.00 Was $32.50

Summer Sweatshirt

$19.00 Was $37.00