Love Powered Co



Practicing positive I AM affirmations became a daily ritual for the founders of Love Powered Co. Stating them changed how they felt in an instant. But more than this, they both noticed that the positive effects these statements were having on them - feeling empowered, confidence energized, inspired, motivated and at the same time, peaceful, calm, open - these feelings persisted well after they were done speaking the words.

So they started to wonder - if these mindful practices were so good for us, think about the effects they would have on our children!

With parallel journeys, shared values, and an insatiable drive to create something beautiful, meaningful and impactful, they joined forces. They began talking about what is lacking in the marketplace when it comes to conscious products curated for the mindful family. They searched high and low for the perfect tool they could use with their children, and when they couldn’t find what they were looking for, they decided to create it.

With an electric spark of energy and a creative intuitive nudge, Love Powered Co™ was born.

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