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Pingo Apparel is shutting its doors. Enjoy our Closing Sale. It's now or never. ALL SALES ARE FINAL (:


Pingo Apparel is a mom owned online clothing boutique from Canada that has curated a fashionable collection of ethically made clothing for kids and their parents. Their clothes are mostly GOTS Certified organic and fair-trade. They love Fashion but they also love the Earth and everything in it. That's why They've made sure that each brand carried at Pingo Apparel is gentle to the environment, to the people who make them and to those who wear them! They also have a new section of Preloved (second hand) clothes!


p.s. When you buy from Bingo Apparel, you are helping them donate meals to kids in need through Mary's Meals. Click here to learn more.


The mom behind Pingo Apparel


Monica was raised in Mexico City by retail owners so she grew up surrounded by women’s clothes. When she was 19 she dropped out of university and moved to Halifax, NS. She signed up for English classes and after a year she was accepted at Saint Mary’s University, where she studied Marketing.

After graduation, and after she came back from living in Tunisia, Monica packed her belongings and moved to Toronto, where she wanted to pursue a career within the Fashion Industry. After a week of being in Toronto, she landed a job as a Sales Associate at The Bay. After a year and a half, she was able to move to The Bay’s head quarters, where she became a Merchandising Coordinator for the E-Comm department.

Two years in, Monica wasn’t feeling intellectually satisfied, so her and her husband agreed she would quit her job to go travel for a bit, and hopefully get inspired to start something of her own. What she didn’t know was that her inspiration was going to come from her first child.

After a month of leaving her corporate job, Monica got pregnant. She was so overwhelmed by the unexpected news, that she spent her pregnancy and first year as a mom, assimilating her new role. After a while though, she got a little bored from just changing diapers so she started to think about opening an online shop. She wanted to bring all the cool kids brands she had come across while in Europe, to Canada. She loved them specially because these brand were mama-owned and followed fair business practices. So she started to work on her little project early in 2017, but it wasn’t until March 2018, two weeks before her second child was born, that she finally launched Pingo Apparel. Her third baby is the reflection of what she’s been wanting to do for so many years - to have her own business, and to do it responsibly #sustainablefashion.



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